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Our practice is formed of notaries and legal advisors who are at your service and can support you, your family and your business in the protection of your patrimony.

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The Léveillé Pelletier Carrières Inc. notary practice stems from a four-generation-long family tradition of notaries. Having appropriated the notary practice that used to operate in our building in the early 1900s, the notaries at our practice are committed to ensuring your peace of mind by keeping your patrimony secure.

As impartial public officers and legal advisors, notaries are responsible for helping you at important moments in your life. We're here to help when your child is born, when you formalize your couple, or when someone dies. We're also here to help you with projects involving financing or purchases, as well as with any legal aspects related to the growth of your business.

Our approachable notaries and legal advisors will take the time to thoroughly and confidentially analyze your situation to properly meet your needs.

Do not let the law decide for you, be proactive about asset protection. We can recommend the most appropriate services for you, so feel free to contact us for advice.

Professional Associations

• Members of the Chambre des notaires du Québec (CNQ)
• Members of the Association professionnelle des notaires du Québec (APNQ)

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Trust our legal professionals for all your juridical needs.

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Our certified notaries can answer all your legal questions.

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About Us

Me Caroline Léveillé Pelletier

has been practicing as a notary since 2009 and is a certified practitioner of protective supervision and homologation of mandates.
Assignee of the offices of Me Sylvie Léveillé and Me Michel Pelletier.

Me Andréane Carrières

has been a practicing notary since 2017 and is a certified practitioner of protective supervision and homologation of mandates.

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